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Fruit Wines & More

In addition to our selection of red and white wine, we also produce a small number of fruit wines and couple wines that one would not typically classify as red or white.  We are currently experimenting with one or two new wines so you may see this area of our selection grow slightly as time goes.

Apple Raspberry ~ This delightful blend of 90% apple and 10% raspberry makes a truly wonderful warm-weather sipping wine that is also delightfully paired with desserts.

Pyment ~ Pyment means wine made from grapes and honey.  In between sweet and tart, this wine starts with a soft mint flavor and finishes with a smooth taste of honey.

Frontenac Rosé ~ Sweet ~ Introduced in 2014, this rosé is made from our Frontenac grapes which will hit your palate with notes of tart cherries.

Historic Brownville ~ Sweet ~ This blush is a blend of Frontenac and LaCrosse that will please your palate with tastes of cherry and an apricot finish.